shutterstock_235060546We also provide trainings for various organizations. Managing emotions, stress, and life situations goes beyond the counseling room. Service oriented employees working in stressful environments can benefit from my trainings, which help them continue to give their best and not at the expense of being burned out, feeling anxious or eventually being diagnosed with depression. Statistics reveal more and more that service oriented employees, especially teachers, are being diagnosed with depression due to job related stressors.


A Walk in Their Shoes: A Mental Health View of the Struggling Student’s Mindset


  • Explore cultural insights to reveal student’s behavior patterns
  • Empathize with student’s environment and inadequate support
  • Discuss mental health symptoms and stigmas
  • Identify and use tools to help struggling students adjust to school setting more easily
  • Help teachers create a stress-free space for themselves and students.

After much consultation with educators, I created my four-point blueprint to help teachers improve student achievement by increasing instruction time and creating a viable social-emotional learning environment. I “walk you through” the internal aspects and processes of a students’ behavior and mindset that make them challenging to teach. The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) model is critical to bridging the relationship gap between teacher and student.

HANDS OFF! Managing Emotions and Feelings to Prevent Mental and Physical Meltdowns


  • Examine the origin of student’s behavior patterns
  • Discuss where and why you feel disempowered, based on your own cultural experiences and personality
  • Learn how to manage your reactions to student’s challenging behaviors
  • Design a routine to manage stress before, during, and after the school day
  • Use practical tools to de-escalate anger, frustration, and burn-out

I use Social Emotional Learning (SEL) model to help teachers manage mental health and stress, and especially to address disruptive student behavior.  My goal is to help teachers build SELF-EFFICACY and competence in managing classroom behavior. Teachers will also learn to manage their own behavior when working with troubled students by moving from an excitable emotional state to a state of peace and cooperation. By managing intense emotions, teachers will increase efficiency in instruction time, student engagement, and student achievement.


Please email your contact information and your training selection. I will send a full description of the training for your review and if requested schedule a consultation.