Individual Therapy

So are you ready to re-write your story and live in moments of confidence, happiness, and fulfillment?


“I support my clients through difficult and life-threatening experiences because I firmly believe people Can and Do Change.”

Individual therapy is person centered and designed to help you explore life’s situations that are confusing, that create disbelief, or that force unproductive behaviors which are contradictory to experiencing a happy and fulfilling life. During therapy you have an opportunity to express your thoughts and explore your feelings in complete confidentiality and without judgment.

The Inner Circle helps you identify what is not working and to find solutions that do work. You will experience what you need in order to nurture, honor, and protect yourself and have harmony in your life.

If you or someone you know is ready to heal the unresolved trauma of heartbreak, addiction, divorce, stress, helplessness, anger, or confusion, The Inner Circle can help you find peace. No matter what our financial status, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, we all experience what seem to be insurmountable challenges at times. However, with support, guidance, and compassion we all can overcome. If I have learned anything being on planet earth, it is that nothing stays the same. This earthly experience is constantly changing. In that knowing, there is space to heal.

Interactive techniques used during therapy are important because they allow you to use the techniques right away and to experience results. You can expect growth by embracing life with a renewed heart and spirit.  Ignite your fire inside on a gentle plan toward infinite possibilities.

Individual Therapy

50-90 minutes in-person, over the phone, or on Skype. There are limited numbers of sliding scale fees if your budget is strapped. And if your problems don’t coordinate with your finances, call me and inquire.

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