Couples Therapy

Is your partnership struggling to survive? Learn to heal old wounds and ask for what you want in a relationship.


TIC provides couple’s therapy for couples struggling with sex/love addiction, low sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, infidelity, poor communication, competition issues, and other issues. Maintaining healthy relationships take work and time. For struggling couples TIC offers support and education to help curve out meaningful and positive interactions in your relationship.

The focus is on changing future behavior that is not rooted in shame, blame, and resentment. Going through painful situations can result in understanding, patience, insight, and love. You will learn exactly what you can say to help positive interactions and loving experiences even through tough and uncertain times. Learn how neither of you are at fault, that’s right neither of you! Just being who you are in your differences and similarities can create opportunity for change that feels like impenetrable blocks.

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of honor for yourself and the person you have chosen to spend your life with. Therapy offers a third way of seeing a situation instead of just the two perspectives of the couple. 75% of couples receiving therapy improve their relationships versus similar couples that did not receive therapy (Pinsof & Wynne, 1995).

Reduce unhealthy stress and stop creating unproductive patterns in your relationship. Whether you choose couple’s counseling or group couple’s counseling you will see you are not alone. Learn to love fully and freely with a relationship.

We also offer premarital counseling. Click here for more information.

Couples Therapy 50  or 90 minutes

In-person only.


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Couples Communication Seminar

Are You Listening to Me:
Learn How to Communicate and End Arguments Before They Start in this 5 Hour Seminar- September 24, 2016

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