At The Inner Circle, there are a variety of services, specialties include couples/relationships, love/sex addiction, sexual abuse, identity problems, and eating disorders.



Types of Services

Individual Therapy is person centered and it’s a place to help you explore any confusion, disbeliefs, or unproductive behaviors that are contradictory to experiencing a happy and productive life. During therapy you have an opportunity to express your thoughts in complete confidentiality and in an unbiased environment. You are provided an outlet to work through old or new issues. You will learn what you need to protect yourself and regain balance as you set boundaries for recovery.

Group Therapy magnifies the healing process in that not only do you have a supportive, knowledgeable, and professional counselor helping you understand complicated diseases, as a whole the group members share in a common goal which generates compassion and understanding. We teach healthier ways of managing life that increase an awareness of self and for the entire family.  Being in a group is a powerful avenue of healing, especially for the Partner who has often been coping alone for years, whether married or divorced.

Types of Groups

  • Sexual Addiction Recovery Groups (Adult & Adolescent)
  • Partners of Sex Addicts Groups
  • Trauma Recovery Groups
  • Specialized Areas of Service

Couples/Relationship Counseling

Usually after the first 18 months of a relationship, the masks begin to dissolve. Personality traits, behaviors, ideologies, and habits are fully present and you may think what happened to the person I fell in love with. Struggles arise and expectations are shattered. A part of BEING in a relationship is knowing how your partner functions first from a gender perspective, friend perspective, and partner perspective. When devastating and disheartening events occur during a relationship, which includes long-seeded unproductive miscommunication  and mistrust. No matter what has happened in the it can be healed. And if the couple decides end the relationship it can be done with love, honor, and compassion.  Seeking support with a professional and acknowledgeable counselor will help you greatly.

Couples Communication Seminar

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