Couples Seminar

Couples Communication Seminar

Are You Listening to Me:
Learn How to Communicate and End Arguments Even Before They Start

Happening September 24th 2016

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Build better connection, communication and compassion

Deepen your love, passion and commitment by learning the juicy secrets of long lasting partnerships in this half day seminar!

Ladies did you know men primarily listen to solve your problem, not to undermine you? And saying nothings wrong every time he asks what’s wrong doesn’t bring him closer to you. It pushes him away!

Men did you know women talk to release stress, not to torture you? And always trying to solve her problem leads her to believe you don’t care about what she is saying. It frustrates her.

Learn how to:

  • Stop arguing and deal with the real issues underneath the discontent.
  • Avoid treating your partner like the enemy and regain trust through healing unresolved pains
  • Turn the guessing games into open communication with peaceful problem solving.
  • Reignite the romance, fun, adventure and your friendship like in the beginning when you started dated.


Is Addiction Destroying Your Relationship?

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This seminar explains why men and women do what they do. Our actions between one another can seem unexplainable: however, they are simple reasons and will BLOW your mind once you learn them, for our disputes, arguments and miscommunication.

This seminar is for couples who are ready to change how they communicate to create a supportive, safe, loving and an enriching partnership. This is for you if you are tired of feeling unheard and misunderstand. This is for you if you have one foot out of the door or have been thinking of leaving. This is not for you if you are comfortable feeling unappreciated or disrespected. Only the ready to be power couples find this seminar a gift and an eye opener.  10-2pm (working thru lunch)

When: September 24, 2016
Where: Fairfield Inn
2450 Paces Ferry Rd SE,
Atlanta, GA 30339
Time: 10am – 2pm
Cost: $127
Call for more information 770-604-1322 or email

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring some peace to your relationship. Enroll below.

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Couples Communication Seminar

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