Overcoming the crossroads of pain, illness, and helplessness to joy, health and hope can be a meaningful and liberating experience. It’s a time to regroup and shift behaviors that don’t work into ones that do work effectively for your life, your dreams and your goals.

“Your researching this website may mean that you are at such a crossroads.  Congratulations for seeking assistance in this life’s journey.  Consider allowing The Inner Circle to help you heal, grow and love living your life.”

Sulonda Smith



Welcome to The Inner Circle (TIC)!  As a result of my own challenges in family, personal, and intimate relationships, I have studied both traditional and non-traditional therapy methods to heal my own life and learn to love myself through traumatic experiences.  I created TIC to share what I have experienced and have learned from others to assist my client’s in healing and recovery.

I have a Marriage Family Therapist Degree and have been practicing psychotherapy for seventeen years with a highly diverse clientele of various racial and cultural backgrounds including men, women, children, and teens. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Sex Addiction Therapist, and Certified Anger Management Specialist. To assist my clients, I offer a skilled listening ear, deep understanding of human relations, keen intuition/insight, and a love of life and my profession.

Yes, I love what I do and endeavor to nurture the same in my clients. I believe in the alchemy of the “old school” and the “new school” using traditional and non-traditional, clinical and non-clinical methods to assist others. I often engage my clients with nonconventional styles of healing i.e. walking therapy, music therapy, and humor. Indeed, laughter is a part of the healing process.

Rather than the exclusive “clinical couch” approach, I believe in using creative methods and clients’ special interests as part of the recovery process. How about creatively incorporating an instrument, music, movement, or a special hobby as part of your therapy session?  This makes the process more meaningful, authentic and even enjoyable at times for all involved.

Two of my specialties are couples therapy and relationship addiction. Click here to learn more about common problems of addiction.  In today’s society with hyper sexualized media and its over exposure, there is a critical need for professional and non-judgmental support for men, women, and youth who suffer with these conditions. It is an addiction that is on the rise that must be carefully treated like any other unhealthy condition.  I also have extensive experience in assisting victims of childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

I am passionate and compassionate to those who suffer “heart” pain. Emotional trauma can be devastating and can cause physical and terminal illness. Regardless if addiction is present or not, helping couples create fulfilling and happy lives is an important mission of my work. Click here for more information on couples sessions and classes.   As the founder and director of The Inner Circle, I have chosen to help my clients walk the path from trauma, anger, shame and addiction to renewal, joy, commitment and recovery.

Email me at info@lovehealth-addiction.com or call 770-604-1322.

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