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A place of compassion! At our dedicated and professional counseling center the focus is solely on you. Experience a humble, listening ear with a non-judgmental and effective approach to address your needs.

Over twenty years of counseling experience provides you with expertise in the latest and most comprehensive therapy available to treat you and your symptoms.  Get individual or couples  counseling.  Got unresolved emotional pain, sadness, or toxic relationships?

If you are feeling lost in your search for answers to resolving stress, anger, frustration, confusion, or shame, The Inner Circle can help! Specialties are couples/relationship problems, self-identity issues, grief/loss, premarital education, unidentifiable life purpose, communication problem. We are LGBTQIQ friendly.   Admitting there is a problem is your first step to honoring yourself and then the healing can begin. The next step is seeking professional assistance and support.

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Books authored by Sulonda.

sulondas_3d-2What Women Absolutely Must Know About Men: A MANual For Creating Passionate and Fulfilling Relationships 

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sulondas_3d-2What Men Absolutely Must Know About Women: A GUIDE For Creating Passionate and Fulfilling Relationships

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